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Employees who were given a 15-minute massage treatments twice-a-week for five weeks were more alert and exhibited positive changes in brain waves.
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Live Pain-Free...Naturally

Gord & Sophie At the Brockville Chiropractic and Health Associates, our mission is to help you live pain-free and enhance your state of health, naturally.

A variety of in-office services are available, which combined with lifestyle recommendations, will assist you in achieving all your health-related goals.

Safe, effective, professional service is what you can expect to receive and will receive at our office.

At the Brockville Chiropractic and Health Associates, we offer the right treatment for the right person at the right time!

Pain is the number one reason why people consult our office. Therefore, relieving you of your pain is our specialty, without the use of drugs or surgery. We utilize safe, gentle pain-relieving treatments and recommend appropriate at-home care to most effectively relieve you of your symptoms. However, the care does not end there. We also make recommendations on how to prevent your condition from recurring and how to optimize your health.

The importance of preventative health-care cannot be understated. In this time of inadequate medical coverage by OHIP, being proactive in maintaining an optimum state of health is paramount in ensuring an active, enjoyable lifestyle. Everyone wants to add years to their life and add life to their years. Many preventative measures are available, including: occasional in-office "tune-ups", nutrition advice, exercise plans, and at-work ergonomic recommendations. This aids in preventing a variety of conditions and is the most effective way to restore, maintain and enhance your state of health!