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A vigorous sport massage treatment two hours after a vigorous exercise reduced muscle soreness.
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At Brockville Chiropractic and Health Associates, we offer a wide range of health-care products from pain-relieving gels to cervical pillows and back supports. We recommend Biofreeze that provides a cool and tingly sensation to take the edge off severe pain – as cold is your best friend with an acute flare-up (please see Tips and Recommendations) and Glenalgesic Forte that contains an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce inflammation on the spot. Obus-forme cervical pillows, including “Memory-foam” pillows, and lumbar cushions for your office chair and/or vehicle are also always available. Orthopedic products, such as: ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder braces, TENS machines, at-home traction kits, and wheelchair aids are available through our many suppliers.

Dr. Gord utilizes three custom-made orthotics laboratories (all of which are recognized by insurance companies) to offer the best orthotic foot support to his patients. Also available are a wide variety of shoes and sandals with custom-made orthotics built in to the footwear.

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