Other areas of patient care that we specialize in:

Motor Vehicle Accidents injuries including Whiplash Associated Disorders. In Ontario, your motor vehicle insurance provides coverage for injuries sustained in an accident – whether you are at fault or not. Whiplash injuries involve the neck – stiffness, pain, headaches, shoulder pain and arm pain may occur immediately or take up to months to set in. After an accident, each person in the vehicle should be assessed even if the accident is minor. Injuries to other areas of the spine, hips and/or shoulders may occur in a motor vehicle accident as well. Treatment plans at our office are comprehensive, including: Chiropractic care, Registered Massage Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation and patient education/advice are all integral parts of a motor vehicle accident treatment plan.

WSIB: Our office is registered with WSIB to provide services for injuries that have happened at work. We will/can help you get back to your everyday living and full work duties.

Sports Injuries: Tennis elbow, golf elbow, knee strains, ankle sprains etc Our office is able to help relieve some of the pain from sports injuries, with using the TENS machine, laser and therapeutic ultrasound we will be able to get you back to playing your favorite sports

Therastones: TheraStones are Basalt Lava Rocks that are warmed in water and used to help the Massage Therapist treat with little to no pain. TheraStones can help with Fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal, hypertonic shoulders causing fibrositic headaches, athletes who require deep tissue work, and those who are seeking an effective relaxation massage. The Massage Therapists in our office trained in TheraStone are: Sarah Bennett, Tiffany Bissonnette.

TMJ/TMD Issues: Temporomandibular Joint Disorders are those that effects the joint that connects you jaw to the temporal bones of your skull. We can help relieve some pain associated with TMD/TMJ with the use of the laser to help with the inflammation.

Conditions We Can Help With:

  • Headaches

  • Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Neck Pain

  • Scoliosis

  • Arthritis

  • Sports Injuries